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Adventures in Importing

I’ve become enamored with AliBaba and AliExpress. After selling over a thousand fidget spinners I wanted to find something else to import. My current products are non slip yoga socks and high quality neoprene lunch totes.

If you ever see an infomercial telling you how easy this will be – don’t call. Between the time differences, the quality differences, and cultural differences it’s a different game than buying something locally and selling it on ebay to make a few dollars.

The quantities and shipping costs are dramatically different. Unless you want to spend $900 on shipping and stock 200 lunch totes in your dining room, you should probably not try this.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s fun to get an email from Amazon every time one of your items sells and you didn’t have to ship it!

PS: If you want a good deal on fidget spinners, hit me up. 🙂


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