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Learning to Drive

I enjoy learning new things. Feeling like I don’t know doesn’t make me uncomfortable. It’s an opportunity to discover new knowledge.

My oldest daughter has turned 14 and has her driving permit. I remember getting mine many years ago and driving in circles around the Parish Center parking lot. I didn’t run into anything for many years (Thanks Mom!).

Last weekend I was able to take Megan out to drive in our neighborhood. Sara and I have different teaching methods and philosophies. I yell more but flinch less according to Megan. Haven’t decided if that’s a compliment or not.

It was raining when we went out and that was the first Megan had driven in rain. She was nervous but I wasn’t because I knew she could handle it. The first difference was making her back out of our driveway. It’s relatively long and curves in the middle but not horrible. She was nervous but I had her press thorough it. Worst case, the minivan would explode and I could drive a different car 🙂

We made it to the road and headed through the neighborhood. There are a lot of cul de sacs so it was a great opportunity to work on hard turns. Within five turns she had progressed from braking and backing up to smooth rotation without frightening her father.

To top it off I had her go to what she though was another cul de sac but was actually a hard dead end and made her turn around in someone’s driveway. It took two tries but she did a great job and I was happy she didn’t get nervous and refuse to try.

My children don’t always agree with me but I always ask 25% beyond what they are comfortable with because I want them to grow and learn.


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