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Not done yet…

I was feeling a bit depressed and worried that I didn’t have anything new or exciting left to do. I would come up with great ideas, do nothing with them, and see Google buying the company that implemented a year later for half a billion dollars.

After getting freedom and free time I have started thinking again of new ideas and what needs to exist in the world. Aside from Complete Home 360 I wanted to do something to get back into technology. I didn’t spend four years getting a degree in computer science and half a decade programming professionally to never touch a compiler again.

I’m not the only one that feels this way – reading was a good kick in the butt. When I learned to program it was a couple domain specific languages and C. Java didn’t enter the curriculum for a couple years after I graduated. The early years of my education and career was filled with constant language learning — MUMPS, MIPS assembler, Scheme, C, C++, Tcl, Java, finally VB. I could get to a basic level of competency with a new language in a few weeks.

As I got further into my career I learned more and more about less and less. After I started my company I learned even more about a smaller amount of topics. Building an MSP, ISP, or growing a business, I knew it all. Picking up a new skill or language, it took a while.

The benefit of having a company was being able to hire experts in the places I was lacking and help out where I could and wanted to. It was ideal for me. I excel at getting any project to 80%-90% complete and turning it over to people with more drive and are more thorough than me!

I am working on a great app idea but as part of that I needed to learn to program on Android. Things have changed a bit since I was using emacs and gcc to build command line and CGI programs. Event driven programming with multiple threads and changing connectivity was a new experience. Stable servers located in a datacenter serving web apps was ideal for me. I didn’t like “fat client” programming because I had to worry about the client environment. If it could show HTML and tables, my apps would work!

It is embarrassing getting excited about a scrolling list view on an Android app but I’m getting there. Luckily my business sense will have me outsource the iOS development of my app. 🙂


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