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ProForm Treadmill Activation

I purchased the┬áProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill ( as a family Christmas present. To ‘activate’ the treadmill I had to use the web site, provide a credit card, and sign up for a 30 day trial of one of their applications. That seemed a bit extreme to let me use the treadmill sitting in my basement. The treadmill did nothing but beep when I pushed any buttons on it.

I did go through their process, handed over my address and credit card information, and will share the information because that’s a lot of information to ask for to use a treadmill.

You do need to have the safety magnet in place before you do this. There is probably a slightly different process for the touch-screen models but I don’t imagine it is very different.

Other than this the treadmill is great. Very well constructed and I expect to use it often. The package weight is correct – this thing is heavy. Carrying and assembling is not a single person job.



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