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The World Is Flat

I’ve been able to use three of the most popular outsourcing sites recently. They all have their benefits and drawbacks. I had three designs produced at three different prices in three different countries — none of them in the same hemisphere as me.
fiverrFiverr was the first I used to do a basic design for a T-shirt. I uploaded two files – a photograph of a person and a cartoon image of the style I wanted in the end. For a total of $5 a very friendly and competent man in Indonesia created the graphic you see to the right. It was done well but there were still some things that didn’t end up the way I wanted. I had expected the image to be in color but never specified it anywhere. The artist did offer to provide a color version for an additional $5 but since it was going to be on a T-shirt it wasn’t necessary.

Overall I was pleased with the experience, especially considering the price. I had approximately a dozen designers competing for the final prize.

complete-home-360_croppedThe next site I used was Logo Tournament for Complete Home 360. I had a few
more requirements including color, size, and “feel”. I said that I wanted a logo that included some homes, incorporated a circle for the 360 portion, and had the colors you see to the right. I had fourty choices between the many designers that participated. Some were not good but many were very good and it took quite a while to make a decision. Once you get to the finalists you’re able to make suggestions and changes to really fine tune the result. My designer was able to modify the colors and arrangement of the houses in the final design and deliver exactly what I wanted.

The final cost was $375 and I felt it was worth that.

YOGA KIDS-01When my wife launched her Go Go Yoga Kids site we needed a banner. I had heard of 99 Designs from the Tim Ferriss podcast and wanted to give them a try. I had high expectations and was excited to see how they performed. My wife wanted a positive theme with the site name and a jungle theme with monkeys in yoga poses. After a few rounds with the various designers we selected one finalist and were able to work with her to perfect the design we were looking for.

The designer did a great job. There were fewer submissions than I expected with the name of 99 designs. In the end we did get a great design that covered what we were looking for.

The final cost was $99 with a $79 upgrade due to┬áthe Tim Ferriss referral. I didn’t see what I would consider an appreciable improvement from the upgrade.

Overall I was pleased with all three of them for the task they were selected for.

Fiverr is awesome for something inexpensive, fast, and easy to judge. You won’t always get what you want but you’re out $5.

99 Designs was cost effective and produced a great design with a smaller pool of choices.

I was most pleased with Logo Tournament but it was the most expensive. There was a large pool of talent and they were willing to make changes and provide exactly what I needed.




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