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Unexpected Help

Wouldn’t it be great to go to sleep at night and wake up with all of the projects that are hanging over your head completed?

I’ve been teaching myself app development on Apple and Android phones. It’s a big jump for someone that’s been concentrated on back end implementation for over a decade.

I finally realized that I need to concentrate on what I’m good at and let someone else take care of the things they are good at.

Sites like and will let you hire people pretty much anywhere in the world for tasks that you don’t have the time or desire to complete yourself.

I used Upwork recently for a small development project. I entered my requirements and provided the instructions and documents for the contractor to be successful, ate dinner with my family, and then chose from 30+ people worldwide that wanted to take my project.

After reading through all of their proposals and replies, I narrowed down to one person in Vladivostok, Russia and he went to work. After a couple questions from Vitali, he went to work.

The next morning I woke to an email that he was done and had an app for me to test. We exchanged a couple messages with small changes for things I didn’t explain clearly. In less than 12 hours start to finish I had the project completely done in the budget I had set.

Being clear and precise in instructions is essential to remote projects going well. I had an advantage because I had been in technology and knew exactly how to express what I wanted. Don’t plan on your project going quite as smooth or as quick.



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